Sweet Trends in Cyprus

This year’s cakes and sweet trends are a reflection of the consumer’s demand for more modern, creative, fresh-looking, and refined sweet delights. Cakes that are too mainstream and non-unique are a no-no when it comes to this year’s trends.

Finding the right balance between taste and appearance is the key trend of this year. There is also a growing interest for the use of wholesome foods that are not heavily processed and are healthier for the general public.

Consumers more than ever want to know what ingredients are being used and what is their quality level as they feel more comfortable indulging in something that is carefully sourced from pure ingredients.

Textures are also becoming more complex and there is a growing tendency for combining different textures in sweets e.g. soft, gooey, liquid, hard, and crunchy or crispy at the same time. This combo of textures produces a very interesting explosion and enjoyment in the mouth. Coupled with the combination of different flavors as well, things couldn’t get any more interesting!

In Ariston, we proudly craft our cakes and sweets according to current industry and consumer trends and needs, in an effort to deliver constantly quality and up-to-date cakes and sweets. This is why we have established ourselves as one of the top confectionery names in the area and we can’t wait to serve your “sweet” needs as well.